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From the fundamentals to more advanced dog training skills, our courses cover everything you need to know to feel safe, happy, and confident with your dog.

Leash Reactivity Beginner's Guide

Are you sick and tired of people making fun of you because your dog goes crazy when he sees another dog?

This guide helps you get your dog from reactive to relaxed.

Are you ready for more fun on walks?


A Nice Walk

If you’re yet to get that connection with your dog, this is the perfect course for you. 

Whether you’re a first-time owner, or that bond is taking a little longer to form, this basic course will create the perfect connection and encourage great walking skills. 


Loose Leash Walking

Not sure where to begin on your dog training journey? This is for you. 

This course is perfect for providing that solid foundation for you and your dog. 

Your dog will learn the basics of walking loosely on the leash, in a practical, friendly course.

PRICE: $ 50

Leash Reactivity

Learn the best techniques for loose leash walking. 

Create the ultimate connection and provide a pathway for your dog to be in a relaxed state while out on the leash. 

Encourage alternate behaviours without the triggers, new skills, and techniques.

PRICE: $ 500

Home Alone

Leave your dog home alone and rest easy, knowing they’ll be relaxed, comfortable, and feel safe. 

With a focus on passive relaxation, this course will teach you how to create a routine based on your dog’s current behaviour and work upwards to solidify their learning. 

PRICE: $ 75

Marker Signal

Do you want a magic wand, that makes bad behavior go away and training a lot easier?
This will help you with almost every other training.
Are you ready for a real game changer in your day to day life with your pup?

PRICE: free

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