Are you ready to build a trusting relationship and have fun together instead of fighting all the time?

Fearful or Reactive to Calm and Joyful

With this program, your will learn how to:

  • lead your dog confidently in every situation
  • handle typical day to day problems with ease
  • be your dog’s rock, so he doesn’t have to be afraid anymore
  • show your dog that he doesn’t have to go crazy whenever you meet another dog or person
  • act safely when your dog is showing teeth, growling or tries to bite

Together we will discover why your dog is misbehaving, teach him what we would like to see while taking care of his needs and find ways for you to have fun in day to day life.

You will get 1:1 VIP support with daily feedback, so you never feel left out in the rain.

We will use force-free methods that are comfortable for you and your dog and fit them perfectly into your schedule.

Emily G Day to Day handling

The real deal!! The owner, Anita, is caring and knowledgeable. I learned so much from her about how to better communicate with my dogs and give them a better quality of life! Highly recommend.

Claudia & Patrik Fear, Aggression, Groupdynamics

We felt at home with Anita immediately. Her compassion, honesty, and dedication are completely unique. She answered all our questions patiently, without checking the time or anything. That's why we feel confident working with our dogs even alone.

Sandra Biting Guests, Leash Reactivity

Thanks to training with Anita, Sukha became such an incredibly sovereign dog. I can take her everywhere with me. Thank you!

About Us

I love to see someone thrive with new confidence.
That’s why I worked as a personal trainer, and that’s why I work with fearful and reactive dogs.
When my first dog drove me to complete despair within 2 weeks, I thought this will never work.
My trainer showed me it’s possible and sparked my fire for learning about dogs.
I am curious by nature and mediating between dogs and their families brings me incredible joy.

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