about me

Hi, I am Anita.

The most important

My dog comes first (along with my other animals).
We are responsible for our animals and that sometimes means having to “push through”.

My mission?

I show you how to build a trusting relationship with your dog, help him/her feel more confident, happy, and safe to conquer fear and aggression/reactivity issues.
In doing so, I make it a point to have fun together.
You want to become the hero/ine for your dog? Then this is the right place for the both of you

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about me

I go with my head through the wall.
Then even more so!

I have always dreamed of bringing a dog into my life.
Not to teach him anything, but to be able to watch him in his nature and just be with him.
My first dog Sammy was so not what I expected…. After all, I wanted a dog that would come with me everywhere and go with me through good and bad.
Good and especially bad we did get…. but differently.
Sammy was so caught up in his fear that he would snap at me, loudly chase people and dogs away (how embarrassing!) and couldn’t go anywhere with me because he was so afraid.

But give up?
Never… I’m too stubborn for that (my favorite breeds are bullies for a reason).

So I learned…
and learned…
and learned…

And because dogs are just so incredibly fascinating and make such brilliant teams with their humans, I took a dog trainer course and got certified in Austria.

Finally finished, right?

NOT in the least!

I was and always will be…. CURIOUS.
So it is important for me to be always up to date and to devour further education (e.g. Michael Shikashio, Grisha Steward, Susan Friedman and many many more).

And let me tell you something.
I prefer to work with people who are just as curious and want to know their dog inside and out.
Is that exactly you? Then come in for a free call right here and we’ll see what I can do for you.

After all, as an (ex-)fitness trainer, I also love working with people <3

And what else?

As a budding geologist and biologist, I love being out in nature.
I love rain… especially when I can sit at home with a tea and under a cat.
Spiders fascinate me 😉

Important: Life is better in FlipFlops!
And yes, for me this is appropriate footwear for dog training (and also for light hiking).

Do you want to get an impression of the training?

Then have a look at Youtube

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