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Help your dog feel more confident, joyful, and safe.

Being a pet parent is an amazing gift, but it isn’t always easy.

When your dog is frightened, insecure, or nervous, he or she can be reactive around other dogs or people. You might think to yourself…

  • Why does my dog jump up or growl at guests?
  • Are people judging us when we’re out for a walk?
  • What if I accidentally let go of my dog when he’s pulling?
  • Should I worry about my dog biting someone?
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This can make you feel overwhelmed, nervous, and scared to do normal things like walk your dog, go to the dog park, or have people over. Chances are, your dog is feeling overwhelmed and nervous too.

But, with the right training, you and your dog can feel safe, gain confidence, and enjoy your lives together.

Brave Dog Training Online is a safe environment for you to access the best resources, from free blogs to paid courses, so that you can learn how to help your dog gain confidence and positive Behaviours so that you can have a great relationship again.

Brave Dog Training Online Can Help With…

  • Loose-Leash Walking
  • Leash Reactivity
  • Excessive Pulling
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Confidence Building
  • Basic Obedience
You and your dog both deserve to feel confident and safe. You can do it. Let’s get there, together.

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Dog Training Courses!

Learn the skills you need to help your dog overcome fear and anxiety,  so you can both feel safe and confident in your partnership.

A Nice Walk

FREE for a limited time — A Nice Walk is the perfect training to help you gain a better connection with your dog when out for a stroll

Loose Leash Walking

Not sure where to begin on your dog training journey? This course is a great foundation for any dog that needs to learn the basics of walking on a leash.

Leash Reactivity

Learn the best techniques to help your dog overcome leash reactivity, so that you can both enjoy your walks again.

Home Alone

Leave your dog home alone and rest easy, knowing they’ll be relaxed, comfortable, and feel safe. 

Why Take Online Dog
Training Courses?

When you need help with your dog, you need it right away.
Plus, no one knows your dog like you do! We give you all the tools you need to start making a positive difference in your dog’s life, right away.
Enjoy a safer, happier, and more rewarding life together with Brave Dog Training Online! 

About Anita

Certified Dog Trainer Specializing in Behaviour, Founder and Owner of Brave Dog Training Online

I know what it’s like to not feel happy and in control with your dog.

That’s why I will work with both you and your dog to get you to a place where you’re happy, confident, and relaxed in your partnership. 

You can do it, you just need a helping hand. That’s where I come in.

When it comes to my philosophy and training, I value:

  • Positive Reinforcement
  • Force Free & Fear Free Training
  • And, I am a Certified Dog Trainer Specializing in Behaviour


The real deal!! The owner, Anita, is caring and knowledgeable. I learned so much from her about how to better communicate with my dogs and give them a better quality of life! Highly recommend.
Emily G
We felt at home with Anita immediately. Her compassion, honesty, and dedication are completely unique. She answered all our questions patiently, without checking the time or anything. That's why we feel confident working with our dogs even alone.
Clauida & Patrik
Thanks to training with Anita, Sukha became such an incredibly sovereign dog. I can take her everywhere with me. Thank you!

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