Happy Halloween

It’s that time again, one of my favorite days is here.
Originally, this day was used to honor the dead or to celebrate the narrowing line between life and death.
In many different cultures, there are different names for this night (All Hallows Eve for example).
And it has its origin in the Celts. Here the New Year was celebrated and the night before, it was believed, fairies, spirits and demons would walk the earth.

For me, it is a night when a candle burns. A candle with which I remember my beloved ones who have passed away.
I like the idea of being close to them once again.

But today the tradition is a little different.
Children dress up, ring doorbells, pumpkins glow at us from gardens, and you might even hear a horror movie or two on the street outside the houses.

For our dogs, going for a walk that evening can be a little spooky.
The dressed up people alone oO
Depending on where you live, you’ll notice more or less of it.
Still, I think it’s important to be prepared.
So here are a few tips
1. turn off the doorbell, lock the garden door or close the anteroom door, so that knocking is not possible, or at least happens quietly.
2. hang a sign on the door with something like “please don’t knock, baby is sleeping”.
3. go for a walk in a quiet area
4. no candy for the dog

If you like to celebrate Halloween, make sure your dog can retreat and relax.
Maybe you take a break for a day and enjoy the unique atmosphere of this day.
For example, you can take your dog to a foggy forest and just enjoy and listen to nature.

Maybe she shows you something very special 😉


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